A traditional family-owned business since 1888

Since 1888, Egli AG has been one of the leading companies developing, manufacturing, installing and maintaining butter and margarine technology for industrial and research companies.

Our machines are In operation in more than 80 countries worldwide
Our machines are In use in more than 2000 plants worldwide
Our machines are Honored with multiple awards

Our Range of Products



Traditional and multiple-award-winning butter. The machines gently and economically process frozen and thawed butter blocks. The resulting butter is notable for its spreadability and ease of wrapping.

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The machines for the production of table and bakery margarine, shortening and spreadable fats combine high efficiency with low maintenance for a first-class result.

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Water Treatment

Our decades of experience in the food sector and rust-free machinery construction enable perfect design and realization of new and remodeling projects.

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The units extrude the product in block form as well as bar form and are used for viscous products such as butter, margarine, dough, etc.

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Dairytech Africa

Fair 24 - 26 July 2024, KICC, Nairobi, Kenya

Dairytech Africa, the premier international exhibition on dairy technology and innovation, is set to transform Kenya into a hub of dairy excellence.

This groundbreaking event is a convergence of visionaries, experts, and innovators in the dairy industry, showcasing the latest technological advancements and innovative solutions. From state-of-the-art milking equipment to sustainable dairy farming practices, DairyTech Africa presents a platform for knowledge exchange, networking, and discovering cutting-edge solutions.

As Kenya and Africa as a whole embark on a journey towards dairy self-sufficiency and quality enhancement, this exhibition serves as the epicenter for shaping the future of dairy production. Join us in this exciting endeavor to revolutionize the dairy sector and make a significant impact on the global dairy landscape.

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