All the plant and machinery produce outstanding quality products

  • Comply with the EHEDH, USDA/FDA standards and the relevant food regulations
  • Cleanable by CIP

Continuous Butterproduction

The plant and machinery for butter production produce a first-class product with great care with best spreadability and moisture distribution.

Butter Batch Production

The plant and machinery for batch production produce a homogenous and traditional butter.

Butter Reworking Line

The plant processes frozen and tempered blocks of butter gently and economically. The butter that emerges is then easy to spread and package.


The plant blends the butter homogeneously with fluid, viscous and powder ingredients and continuously conveys the mixed product to the subsequent machines.


The easy-to-operate plant melts the butter and fat extremely efficiently.


The plant prepares the boxes with inliner, loads the butter in automatically and fills the boxes with a very high accuracy. We supply also packaging equipment for small portions and special shapes.


The cleaning station is adapted in size and the number of containers to the specific requirements of the existing plant.