2014 complete butter plants 1985_1_Small
2013 margarine plants
2012 margarine equipment
2001 continuous butter making machine
1992 continuous butter making machine (pilot plant)
1986 continuous butter reworking lines
1985 Rudenz Egli joined the company

1976 butter block shredders 1945_1_Small
1973 butter silos
1972 butter pumps
1970 butter churns up to 15000 ltrs
1955 butter churns of aluminium and of stainless steel
1947 wooden butter churns with kneading rollers and with gear boxes
1945 Alfred Egli designed the mechanical gear boxes of the butter churns

1923 first wooden batch butter churn 1906_1
1906 Johann Egli moved to Bütschwil

1888 Anton Egli started to manufacture wooden equipment for dairies in Alt St. Johann1888_4 1888_1